New Year, Good Vibes

With every new year comes a clean slate. Start your 2022 on a good note by directing some chi, or positive energy into your home by adding harmony, beauty, and order to your living space.

Here are 6 tips to help you to keep the positive vibes flowing throughout your home the entire year.  


  1. Dare To Colour

Colour holds power. You might have heard that how different colours can affect our moods, certain colour has the ability to soothe your nerves, motivate you, and also bring healing and positive energy.  As one of the pioneers of abstract modern art, Wassily Kandinsky once proclaimed: “Colour provokes a psychic vibration. Colour hides a power still unknown but real, which acts on every part of the human body.”

Start by adorning your interior with radiant colours such as brighter shades of blue, red, yellow, orange or green to brighten the overall mood and environment. You can start by changing your sofa, which is usually the ideal anchor of your living room. 


  1. Plants It Out

Natural elements allow for a relaxing space and help create flow throughout the indoor spaces. You can enrich the living area with plants that can create a sense of peace, purify the air and absorb the negative energy. The mere presence of plants improves the air quality and brings a fresh feel which takes you to the dream of resting in the lap of nature.

Create an indoor oasis with beautiful pot plants such as money plants, bamboos, flowering plants  and etc. Plus, they don’t cost much at all!


  1. Get Creative

Feeling good and positive vibes are all about establishing a personal connection to your living space. Put on your creative hat and start to decorate your home by hanging some aesthetic and visually pleasing wall arts on your home wall for an attractive display. You can go for figure paintings, botanical prints, or abstract paintings, and they don’t have to be expensive. Anything that resonates with you is a great addition.  

Furthermore, you can put on some small decorative items such as mirrors, statement lights or a carpet to elevate the entire ambience of your living environment.


  1. Rearrange and Reorganize Furniture

Switching the arrangement of your furniture in your home will not only refresh your space, but according to the ancient Chinese science of Feng Shui, it allows well-balanced, harmonious energy to flow through your home.

For starters, you should avoid blocking any entrances with your furniture to create uncluttered pathways to let the chi flow smoothly. It’s also important that your rooms are free of clutter and that they have as much natural light and ventilation as possible.

Make sure your sofa is placed against a wall to evoke the feeling of safety. Finally, you can consider placing a lamp in the corner of the room, diagonally opposite the door, which is supposed to activate “wealth energy.”


  1. Create Cosy Comfort

The modern world has enough hard edges. Sometimes you just want to curl up in your own world and forget about all of your worldly concerns. Your home must have relaxing furniture pieces to recharge yourself and for positive energy. And this does not have to apply to sofas. For instance, when you have your coffee while reading a book, a coffee table lets you easily place it down. 

Alternatively, you can create a cosy reading nook for yourself to wind down after a hectic day. Identify a quiet area in your home, put up an armchair, a side table with a lamp, and some scented candles, your reading oasis is ready.