These are the biggest living room trends you need to know if you’re planning to update your living room space this year.

The living room is one of the most important rooms of the home, not only as the social hub and receiving room for guests, but also it sets the entire mood for the home and reflects the personality of its owner. So, it’s only essential that you give it a minor upgrade and refresh once in a while to inject a breath of fresh air into your whole living space.

The good news is that you don’t need to activate your extreme demolition-renovation mode to transform your living room into a Pinterest-worthy paradise. Let these following trends serve as a blueprint for you to create a refreshed space that radiates positive energy and a classy aesthetic.

1. Retro Revival

We are rethinking the way we live that means we’re thinking more about the environment and sustainable living. Consumers are more determined to save pre-loved furniture and homeware. Furthermore, incorporating reworked vintage finds and heritage furnishings into the home, as well as adding more custom furniture pieces to make your individual’s idiosyncrasies stand out.

One of the more interesting ways to incorporating vintage furniture into your home is by mixing them with contemporary décor and furnishings. By putting multiple styles together, you create a mix that feels unique and where the olds blend with the news. It helps create a look of a home that’s collected over time, versus something generic that came straight out of a catalogue.


2. Modular Miracles

The contemporary home is ever-evolving to adapt to the ever-changing flow of life. Hence, it demands flexible living room layouts with multi-functional furniture options. Individual modular pieces such as modular sofas can rearrange them according to your space by taking inspiration from the minimalistic Scandinavian design.

Also, you can get creative with how you pull together a modular set, choose contrasting fabrics and designs to make a statement, or let the clean lines and defined shapes be the hero feature.

3. Urban Jungle

As sustainable lifestyle is gaining popularity, our homes are growing greener correspondingly and plants are the focus of the furnishings here. Not only do indoor plants pleasing the eyes in all of their fresh, verdant glory, but they provide several health benefits too. The air purifying and filtering properties of indoor plants help removing toxins, deterring illness and lowering stress, creating a relaxed and soothing ambience whilst helping you to work better through improved concentration and enhanced creativity.

In addition, indoor plants are very easy to care for and don’t cost much at all. Plus, they bring a healthy dose of positive energy to your space so you can feel more at peace at home.

4. Modern Rustic

Laid back, chic, comfortable – nothing embraces you warmly more than a rustic living room.

Continuing the authenticity stance, more and more people are looking to constructing a living room space with elements of craftmanship and heritage in their furniture with a focus on textures.  

Textures create tactility and connection to occupants as an antithesis to ever-digitally dominated lifestyles. You can choose textured and painterly living room flooring to add tactility underfoot and transform your living room into a rustic retreat.  

5. Clashing Colours

If you’re not a fan of neutral or pastel palettes, rejoice! Colours are getting bolder, braver, and more exciting this year. A carefully curated clashing colour combination can enliven a living room with passion and joy. Try colour blocking by painting designated shapes or areas in contrasting colours.