The Chinese culture introduced us to the world of Feng Shui, a practice that believes in balancing energies to bring luck, wealth and ensure good health. If you want to attract abundance of wealth, prosperity, and good luck this year, follow along!

According to Chinese astrology, this year will be the Year of the Water Tiger – a creature that personifies competitive spirit, ambition, and communication. So, get ready for a whole new energy change and ambitious undertakings after two years of pandemic roller coaster ride with our carefully researched Feng Shui tips.

1. Get Rid of Bad Luck

Decluttering brings prosperity. That’s why it’s customary to spring-clean before Chinese New Year as that symbolises fresh start to the year. Cleaning the house also signifies sweeping out any misfortune or traces of bad luck, so you can bring more abundance into your life.

When you commence your spring cleaning, the first thing to take note is dead plants and damaged items. Get rid of them and replace them with new ones.  Secondly, check for water leaks – from roofs or taps, as they are considered as drain of wealth.  Another Feng Shui tip to take into consideration is to avoid keeping either your bed directly under a window because your sleep can be easily disrupted by the Qi coming from the outside, which includes wind, scent, noise, lights, shadows and etc.


2. Usher In Good Luck

Now you have gotten rid of all the obstacles that stand in your way, it’s time to welcome the good luck. Start by incorporating bright colours furniture to your décor. Use hues that symbolises the five elements of Feng shui – wood (earthy tones), fire (reds), earth (browns), metal (silvers) and water (blues).

Aside from that, adding objects such as mirrors, crystals and lights can help generate positive Qi and bring joy to your overall living environment.


3. Mind The Entrance

According to Feng Shui principles, the main entrance is where the life force enters the home. Apart from that, it is also the first thing that guests, or anyone who passes by your home, notices. Hence, it’s important that the appearance of the main entrance is well taken care of. Ensure the space is free of clutters and any obstructions, for example, if a desk or sofa hinders your field of vision, move it to some other corner of your home.

Also, clean the main entrance diligently and make sure the door does not make noise when opened.


4. Welcome New Energy with Fragrance

Feng Shui and fragrances? One does not automatically link these two together in mind. However, scents and fragrances are quite commonly utilised in Feng Shui to balance and harmonise energy due to their abilities to trigger specific emotional responses. Scents have a pleasant effect on us, boost our energy, and make us relaxed.

Scents can be released into the indoor environment in a variety of ways, including essential oils, candles, incense, and room sprays. You can also go for a home fragrance warmer set, diffuser set  to diffuse your preferred new scent throughout your living space.