1. Goodnite Malaysia

Founded in 1989, Goodnite is one of the most reliable and established local mattress brands with 1500 authorised dealers and distributors nationwide. Goodnite has always been known for its comfortable, innovative, and high-quality mattresses that come with an affordable price tag. Their proprietary mattresses’ technologies include anti-static fabric StatFree®, IceSleep ™ – a fabric made with nano-scale material derived from jade and incorporated into the fabric yarn that can generate a lasting cooling effect for hot sleepers, and MosFree® mosquitoes-repellent knitted fabric. 

Besides their inventive mattress fabrics, Goodnite also manufactures a variety of mattresses with different materials such as latex, memory foam, springs, and coconut fibre, and different firmness levels to cater to various types of sleepers. 

  1. Getha

Famed for its 100% pure and natural latex mattress, Getha, established in 1969, is a proud Malaysian brand with presence in over 25 countries. Its brand name Getha is inspired by the Malay word – Getah, which is the primary material of all its mattresses and bedding products. 

Getha’s Anti-Aging Technology (AO + Latex) is formulated with antioxidant properties that enhance their mattresses’ elasticity to better conform to each unique body shape. Their mattresses are also sterilized using Nano-Silver technology to ensure no allergies and bacterial growth issues. Furthermore, their superior durability and exquisite workmanship make Getha mattresses a worthy investment.  

  1. Sonno

Sonno is an online mattress-in-a-box startup founded by Malaysia-based Italian native Fabio Miceli in November 2017 with an unconventional concept – letting customers try out the mattress for 100-night before actually committing to its purchase. 

The try-first-buy-later model that has become popular with brands such as Casper and Tuft & Needle in the United States proved to be a hit in Malaysia, and Sonno soon established themselves as one of the serious players in the local mattress industry. Sonno mattresses are designed in Italy and manufactured in China. Their mattresses are crafted with natural latex and CertiPUR-US® certified polyurethane foam material, which are breathable and provide optimal support for the body, which is especially beneficial for sleepers who suffer from chronic back pain. Plus, all their mattresses are vacuum-compressed in a box, which is easy to transport. 

  1. Dreamland Malaysia

Dreamland Malaysia started from a humble beginning as a small business specialised in manufacturing foam mattresses in Muar, Johor. They grew their business to the international market and became part of Pacific Brand Australia’s international bedding and mattress network.

It is the only mattress brand in the country that still manufactures their own polyester fibres, foam, and spring coil materials, it’s also one of the first local mattress companies to introduce some of the world’s most ground-breaking technologies such as Miracoil spring technology, which is specifically designed to provide optimal body alignment and back support for all kinds of sleepers.

  1. Dunlopillo

Dunlopillo is a renowned UK mattress brand with operations in Europe, USA, Africa, Australia and Asia but it’s also one of the most familiar and beloved mattress brands here in Malaysia. Its latex foam mattresses are highly sought after for its comfort, durability, and resilience.

One of their most innovative technologies- Talasilver Wave vulcanizes latex through electromagnetic waves to increase breathability and ventilation of their mattresses at the same time equipped them with anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties to rejuvenate and improve sleepers’ health.

  1. Joey Mattress

Joey Mattress, another Malaysian mattress startup that disrupted the local mattress industry with their online-only, direct-to-consumer business model. They recruited a foam expert with 30 years of experience in engineering mattress foams and invented their own foam which they named J-foam. The Joey mattress is made entirely of the J-Foam with a two-layer construction: the top one for comfort and the bottom one for support. They worked closely with the manufacturer to create a mattress that stripped away all the gimmicks in the market.

  1. King Koil

Founded in America and incorporated in 1983 in Malaysia, King Koil  has been serving Malaysian for more than 30 years with their high-quality mattresses all made with 5-zone contour quilted foam materials with deep quilted covers.

In addition, King Koil also works closely with the International Chiropractor Association (ICA) to design and test their products to ensure sleepers get healthier sleep quality aids by correct spine alignment. King Koil offers various mattresses with cooling breathability and temperature regulation to respond to your body’s temperature faster and provide you with proper spinal alignment through their encased coil design.

  1. SweetDream

Launched in 1978, SweetDream is the first local company to import a spring coil machine from Switzerland to manufacture and make quality spring mattresses more affordable. With their extensive line of revolutionary bedding products such as spring mattresses, foam mattresses and foldable mattresses, they have won the reputation as Premium International Brand.

SweetDream is known for their Rubbery-Tech foam process imported from Spain country. The process does not contain Methylene Chloride, which makes their products more durable and more comfortable.

  1. MyLatex

Manufacturing under the name Myaerofoam, Mylatex mattresses are made with 100% natural rubber materials all source locally. Their mattresses all rigourously tested to meet the highest quality standards of SIRIM and ECO Umwelt Institute of Germany. Their range of natural latex mattress series are environmentally friendly, biodegradable, anti-bacterial and durable.

  1. Emma Mattress

With the credential of Europe’s Most Awarded Mattress, you can’t go wrong with an Emma Mattress. Established in Frankfurt, Germany in 2015, Emma has now expanded to 22 countries on 5 continents and that includes Malaysia.

Their mattresses are result of collaborative effort by German engineering and extensive sleep research done by neuroscientists. Emma’s three-layered mattress core adapts to any body shape to align your spine.