Your Dining Room Is About to Get Fancy.

The dining room is a social space where family members and guests come together to share food, laughter, and conversations. It must, therefore, dressed up to the nines to impress and create a pleasant dining experience for everyone. If you are looking to give your dining room an instant upgrade, take inspiration from some or all of the following trends:


1. Create Drama with A Statement Dining Table

Your dining table is the main character of the room; hence it should be made worthy of that honour. A statement dining table will set the tone and ambience for the entire room. To add a touch of luxury and sleekness, opt for a marble dining table that exudes finesse and will last for years to come. If you’re looking for a more relaxed and casual vibe, go for an oval table and a combination of various seating options, such as armchairs and a bench. 

Satisfy with your current table? You can amp up its stylish aesthetic by adding chic and earthy decorations to your table such as pillar or tealight candles and even fresh flowers to brighten up the room and create a beautiful, intimate atmosphere.


2. Sophisticated Lighting

Good lighting has the transformative power of changing a room from ordinary to stunning. We can use light and shade to make a room feel comfortable or dramatic and atmospheric as it creates various depths and heights, thus extra dimension to your dining space.

For example, natural light from windows can create a sense of warmth and better air ventilation without racking up your electricity bill.  Alternately, adding a sophisticated lighting structure such as chandelier or pendant lights can elevate the room without adding bulkiness to the surrounding floor space.  


3. Experiment With Colours and Textures

The quickest way to revive your tired-looking dining room is to infuse splashes of colour or incorporate interesting textures to the décor. You can start the process by choosing one item like the set of chairs or even the cushions on the chairs to have a colourful makeover. Pastel hues are popular at the moment; it depends on your personal preference. Other than that, you can hang up bright curtains or lay out an art deco rug to pull the look together with a statement.


4. Hang Wall Art

Add a little spice to your dining room ambience by decorating the wall with framed arts. The rule of thumb here is to make sure the art complements your room without taking away too much attention from the dining table, which should be the focal point of the room. Go for professional framed shots or more neutral, abstract wall art to create an elegant haute-looking space.


5. Incorporate Beloved Items

Inject your own personality to the dining room by reusing or repurposing beloved pieces from your previous space – it can be a piece of art you hold dear, an inherited furnishing, or antique decorative items with sentimental values.

It’s important that the dining room makes you feel at ease so you can extend that feeling to your guests as well.